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11 August 2030 @ 12:18 pm

That's right. I've changed the setting to Semi-friends only now. What do I mean? Well, only my private life and sharing of stuff I'll hide from public view. I'll show my fics and art, but that's about it. All my rants and sharing of things are going to be hidden, unless you'd like to add me as a friend, which I don't mind at all. ^___^
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14 June 2013 @ 11:36 am

Original Stories
Characters Names
Profiles: I, II, III, IV

Scattered Reality

The world is dying, and no one knows about it except for a secret organization called the Guardian Fighters (GF). They are a group of soldiers fighting to protect their world from an underlining war between the Light Realm and the Dark Realm. They prevent the Phantoms, dark creatures that do biddings for the Demon race, from taking the lives of the Human race. They fight against the Astrals, lost and misguided souls from the Light Realm, from possessing the lives of the Humans. The GF rises to fight back, and prevent the world from destruction.

Enter Eli Light, a seemingly normal, yet lazy and a child prodigy. He moved with his grandmother to Celest, so that they can live close to his older brother. When new students suddenly transferred into his class, Eligets sucked into the commotions revolving among the three fighting Realms. He is known to be the last hope. Pasts and true identities unveils, with romance and new friendship blooming for the young boy. Eli has to choose to either save the entire world, bring peace, and become the Almighty Overseer of all three realms, or live life normally, ignorant of his dark and hidden past, allowing the world fall apart.

(Note: using the original character's "English" names.)
Warning: male x male relationship

Act I     Act II

Nephilim Academy

Based on the life and blooming romance between one lazy, musically talented, and super intelligent prodigy, and an arrogant, anti-social, and temperamental hottie. They may be both guys, but nothing can get in their way, as they tackle every-day high school life, dilemmas from friends and family, discover love and unlock pasts and secrets. Anything could happen at Nephilim Academy.

(Note: using the original character names/Japanese names.)
Warning: male x male relationship

Lesson I     Lesson II
     Lesson III

NA: Through Silver Eyes

Short one shots that coincide with the main story that revolve around Rui, from other people's perspective and his.

Piece One

NA: Violet Gold

Coinciding with the main story. Childhood friends that had a heated fight during their Junior High School, end with them “hating” one another. Rather, it's more of a one-sided “hate”. But things change when they enter high school. Would some misunderstandings resolve their friendship, and maybe turn to love?

First Petal     Second Petal     Third Petal

NA: Ebony Emerald

Coinciding with the main story. Another pair of childhood friends that grew up very close together. One is a hot headed boy who could be dense when his best friend openly admits his feelings towards the boy. He thinks of it as a joke, until this new girl comes in and is rumored that she likes his best friend. What is going to happen then?

NA: Chocolate Lavender

Coinciding with the main story. The past of two boys were in a heated rivalry and they have hated one another since day one. One incident sends realizations that all along, they never did hate one another. What could this feeling be?


Untitled 1

She never knew her father. Her mother died when she was young. Her older brother disappeared from her life. And now her grandmother is dying. Sora Ashiya is living as a promise to her brother, but she can no longer stand it. She wants to find the one person that everyone loves and admires the most, especially her. Then strange people start appearing, also searching for her brother, with hatred and anger. Finding an old journal among the ruins of her home, she gets transported into another world. She is now able to search for the truth of her brother's disappearance. In this new world, will she be given a chance to start a new life, and find new friends, hope, and maybe love? Will she be able to be free from the ties that her brother unconsciously put around her? Will she be able to find the truth?


Untitled 2

A tragedy befell upon the city of Tokei, and thirty years later consequences arise. No one knows of what has happened, nor are they aware of the consequences their city is facing. It's all thanks to the Orion Department in the Justice and Protection Division. They are people with special abilities and powers to fight against the consequence from the tragedy, the opening of Hell's Door. And they are after the agents from Hell's Door, under the guise of a group of killers called Blood, that administer and oversee Contracts between Humans and Demons, to cause chaos and deaths. The opening of Hell's Door is just a sign that their city will be wiped out from the face of the world, along with other cities around the world that are in danger and have a Hell's Door. It's up to two unlikely people from different departments in JP Division to pair up and put a stop on the members of Blood and save their dying city.



22 June 2009 @ 04:18 pm
Third part of the mini-series between Romeo and Makino-sempai! This chapter leads to the fourth chapter of the main story of Nephilim Academy. You get a better understanding of the relationship between the two! 8D Hope you enjoy! Warning of super angst! TT__TT

Nephilim Academy: Violet Gold
Third Petal

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22 June 2009 @ 04:08 pm
Second part of the mini series about Romeo and Makino-sempai! 8D More fluff to go around, and then the next chapter is really really sad. I'll post it right after this one, because it then leads to the fourth chapter of the main story of Nephilim Academy. Enjoy!

Nephilim Academy: Violet Gold
Second Petal

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22 June 2009 @ 03:55 pm

It was silly, but he couldn't help it. He has fallen for the chocolate eyed boy that sits next to him in class 1-B. Though the mahogany haired boy showed indifference on his expression everyday in front of everyone, somehow he saw through it, and saw kindness and shyness behind those chocolate colored eyes.

But it was heartbreaking, and he will not show it. That small boy was already in love with someone, and it was not him. He could see admiration in those chocolate eyes whenever that person was near. There was a blush that would appear that he never failed to catch on the small boy's round face. The mahogany haired boy fell in love with the one person he...

“It's all your fault! I never want to see you again! I hate you!”


Nephilim Academy
Lesson Three: Solving Problems
By: Kat Lee V


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